We Prefer Tenant Borrowers

Tenants are the ones who want to improve their credit record in order to get a mortgage. Home owners are the ones who already have a mortgage. We find that Tenants are the ones most likely to pay us back.

Why Choose Us?

Our dynamic lending system means that we are able more often than not to approve a loan for a tenant. We have different types of loans available, some secured but most unsecured, we lend up to £10,000.

Welcome to Tenant Loans

Thank you for choosing TenantLoans.co.uk, we are one of the few sites in the UK, if not the only one, that caters directly to the needs of Tenants.

We don’t look at Tenants as bad lenders. We look at them as great opportunities and great customers. We have such low default rates that we are proud to be able to work with customers who want to keep their credit records clean or even to improve their credit records so that they can one day buy a property. Why would we want any other type of applicant?

You don’t need any type of security to lend on this site. All of our loans are totally unsecured and you can have cash in your account in as little as a few hours.